CMO interventions

Team-building powerful brand strategies...AND ensuring 'strategic execution'...for maximum ROMI:

  • brand value architecting: usually a 2-6 month intervention for B2C or B2B which can include pinpointing brand value, most lucrative customer segments, repositioning, globalizing ideas, new brands, competitive response plans and/or a messaging matrix...all in collaboration with key stakeholders 
  • interim CMO: starting with the above, involvement expands to include execution 
  • CMO and/or marketing team hiring: consult to help bring in the right marketing skillsets onboard
  • interim team member: provide a fresh angle of vision for leadership, on a project or ongoing basis
  • "consigliere": my favorite client-crafted title, this role is on-call advisor to anyone in the C-suite

CMO-EYES on the prize

Quick interventions that add an experienced marketing "head" to pre-view & power-up business success:

  • get A-"HEAD" INTERVENTION: anticipate or respond to competitive change -- looking ahead & around corners to get proactive vs. reactive in your marketplace
  • get A-"HEAD" INTEGRATION: looking at "digital" or "social" vs. "offline" marketing is archaic -- your brand's most impactful marketing must be designed holistically, with metric accountability
  • AGENCY PITCHES: pre-view the CMO challenge -- before pitching ideas to your ultimate client
  • CREATIVE CONSULTS: turn the strategic dial up on creative & pinpoint power-branding opportunities
  • BRAND EXPANSION: fast-forward multi-national success -- with deep global strategic expertise 
  • "TEAMING" INTERVENTION: marketing + sales + tech don't always talk -- bring your teams together in new ways to accomplish more, more cost-effectively via team facilitations &/or workshops

equity-boost interventions

Interventions with early stage companies, focused on getting the brand value proposition, customer experience and marketing infrastructure right to drive EBITDA...ASAP in the life of the enterprise: 

  • including any of the above contributions: just do it -- SOONER than you thought necessary!
  • marketing & PR team building: perspective on hiring the right folks to do the right things ... EARLY
  • board position: where on-going contribution will prove beneficial, we should discuss this option

_____________ (you fill in this blank):

Tell me your goals & your budget ... together, we’ll design the right solution.