B2B branding

while B2B marketing has many different requirements, basic strategic branding disciplines create huge, yet often overlooked, opportunities...

THE B2B CHALLENGE: a small, high-power contender in the fast-moving new EHR (electronic health records) industry needs to get noticed at an imminent industry-wide event ... communicating both its tech superiority and recent merger with a well-known, yet more traditional, industry service provider

  • beyond a visionary ceo, no senior management cohesion or agreement on the focus of sale
  • no agreed-upon marketing strategy, focus or convention theme
  • no brand strategy that fully leverages the value of the acquired company brand 


THE SOLUTION: initiate a collaborative brand value planning process, including a quick-turn facilitated offsite to rapidly align internal POVs and create consensus support for a high impact messaging matrix


in just 3 months, working collaboratively with a very responsive creative agency, fresh new materials with a clear focus that told a brand new story, with simple yet compelling new language, was created to:

  • get noticed
  • communicate positive change
  • jump-start successful sales conversations



VS. this starting point... here's the prior "introductory ad":