online: seamless branding integration







power branding: working with the internal autoTRADER team revamping the website, new on-site advertising was designed to pop...everywhere it appeared...and make messages simple, clear & compelling


this was a distinctly different approach vs. prior house ads which often included no branding or call-to-action


online banner ads: were designed to mirror house ads/CTA and strategically placed with performance tightly monitored; the irreverent "voice" of these ads were the same as broadcast, while reinforcing the core benefit communication: "the most cars in one place"











homepage "take-overs": on prominent sites were included in the launch mix to grab attention for brand-building, engagement and potential talk-value


a mouse-over displayed the actual number of vehicle type (e.g., minivan shown here) which were actually available, live, at that moment in time...with an option to click-thru





B2B/Dealer website:

reskinned for the relaunch with the same "most cars" graphic being used in consumer ads


this not only worked well with new B2B copy points, and saved was designed strategically, to link dealers to the consumer campaign, helping them recognize and remember the major new investment autoTRADER was making to drive business to dealer sites

Major competitor kijiji (eBay in Canada), which had been aggressively courting dealers claiming dominance, was taken on directly, promoting not only autoTRADER's inventory dominance, but also their category specialist expertise in selling only vehicles vs. kijiji's achilles heel ... their lack of it


All B2B communication, at relaunch and moving forward in year 1 reinforced consumer branding ... and aggressively addressed competitive inroads by promoting autoTRADER's specialist expertise

[note: all creatve work above is the property of TRADER Corporation]