THE B2C ... & B2B ... CHALLENGE:

  • trans4m brand identity: introduce a well-known magazine brand to old & new audiences across Canada as the real leader in a new context --> the best brand ONLINE to search for a vehicle
  • reverse dramatic drops in site usage: turnaround an escalating decline, with -31% loss in the prior 7 months...and increase site traffic by 500,000/mo, plus increase private listings by 25% 
  • successfully combat very popular, well-liked digital pure plays: savvy, sophisticated, aggressive competitors...actively stealing business & claiming leadership for the last three years

NET: trans4m awareness into motivating, sustainable & profitable 'brand value'


THE SOLUTION: Hire a collaborative agency (DDB/Canada). Cherry-pick the best potential creative ideas (some initially rejected by the parent board). Refocus their strategic intent to orchestrate a highly effective, award-winning campaign. Execute seamless online & offline. And meet high hurdle goals: Aggressive traffic goals. Immediately telegraph sustainable relevance -- a new youthful image -- & high "like-ability" with new generations of savvy customers online. Plus, VERY memorable branding to drive home benefits & build usage.

Key to shifting autoTRADER from magazine to online auto marketplace leader:

  • invent a "mnemonic" device: that would work across all media and, in a matter of seconds, telegraph the new online brand identity with a memorable visual & audio ID
  • recognize & leverage the social potential of car buying: differentiated vs. leaders
  • build a holistic set of integrated online communications: each with its own distinct 'role & responsibility' for both B2C and B2B (initially not in the scope of the assignment) in the online mix...

Key to getting immediate car shopper & dealer/B2B impact: the role of TV was strategic vs. a given...


[note: creatve work above is the property of TRADER Corporation/CA]