intervention RESULTS!

Here are just a few examples of high impact marketing interventions delivering...


a challenging private equity acquisition, with no B2C marketing strategy (or staff - or agency) must effectively re-brand itself to re-enter the marketplace and turnaround the business’ declining traffic vs. popular competition …in just 4 months


RESULTS: Jumping in the trenches, internally and creatively, the campaign launched on time, exceding BIG targets to increase traffic by +500,000 visitors, quickly reversing steep declines    [-31% in 7 months prior to launch] 


site traffic zoomed up +18% with 3.6 MM incremental visits YOY in Phase 1: 

•   +27% monthly uniques: not just in visitors, but also cost-effective "brand seekers" 

•   page views up +76% YOY: not just more people visiting...they’re using the site

•   unaided brand awareness up +4 % points: a BIG move with very high base awareness

•   private seller listings up +169%: driven by “free to list” message breaking through


Our campaign was so successful, it won the top award, not just in its own category but also Grand Prix at the 2013 Cassie Awards for business effectiveness


other key benefits: success of the brand re-launch was sustained, at virtually no added cost, by pre-thinking & pre-shooting new strategic ad cuts to refresh a phase 2 media run at year end; aligned B2B with B2C communications for maximum brand impact and R.O.M.I.; results continued to climb as the new marketing team came onboard


a global internet powerhouse wants to expand its brand identity & pitch success with more compelling branding, so CMO-eye Views are initiated to power-up presentations


RESULTS: significant uptick in broader brand identity perceptions and team sell-in success, including at their internal regional competition


insightful leadership of a new business start-up recognizes the potential branding power of packaging & design...and makes it work 


RESULTS: the new packaging design becomes the unifying branding graphic for all brand communication...from website to brand creative

the #3 e-commerce competitor in the largest online retail segment is acquired & must trans4m its identity to sell much more profitable products vs. bigger brands  …in just 6 months

RESULTS: 38% YOY growth & 49% profit on 4% increase in marketing spend; this included 82.5% YOY increase in the product advertised...which had 7X base business profit margin; performance was powered by re-building an effective worldwide brand portfolio of sharply differentiated, targeted brands in a competitive 'sea of sameness'
other important benefits:
a new, seamless integrated multichannel marketing campaign... 
•   increased “PERSUASION" 16 points to 62% just 3 months
•   drove “CONSIDERATION” 20 points from 34% to 54% just 6 months
•   initiated marketing accountability via the first total marketing scorecard & new metrics


redesigned a new integrated and collaborative marketing team, which...
•   built the company’s 1st customer retention program & CRM datamart, from the ground up
•   created a new, highly successful PR function to combat higher spending competition
•   invented a powerful new, cheap marketing tool, now widely used in the marketing industry
•   changed the way marketing worked within the company, collaborating with product & IT


the world’s largest, most famous service brand understands the value of stronger, dedicated "strategic brand marketing" through its offline and online communications ... and trans4ms its #2 cost into a powerful new marketing asset every major market around the world



RESULTS: the largest packaging system in the world is redesigned to become a powerful trans4mative STORYTELLING and rebranding medium, adding a new, close-to-the-customer communication vehicle at no added ongoing cost ... PLUS initiating a very different approach to branding promotion, helping to drive turnaround business performance ...worldwide



a visionary ceo of small, recently merged B2B company sees a big opportunity to make a splash in a rapidly growing and changing industry at the upcoming annual convention ...with 3 months work-time


RESULTS: mission accomplished!