Randy Susan Wagner, chief trans4mer

INTERIM CMO Interventions:

Not every enterprise needs a full-time CMO. The CMO's job is not a new ad campaign. It's to envision a brand new future and execute potential. The real job is trans4ming a brand through every touch-point: from "what is" to "what CAN be" - that best serves audiences.


EQUITY-BOOST Interventions: 

Private equity and venture capital firms have lots of talent focused on the numbers. Surprisingly few have the marketing savvy to capitalize the full business potential locked within those numbers. Do YOU...

- Sell “the Steak” not just “the Sizzle”: Early stage businesses can get mesmerized by their own sizzle. Buyers want steak. Can your current business model drive sustainable EBITDA growth?

- Avoid Sandtraps: Marketing economics are key to success. The right eyes upfront can help sidestep costly hazards. Looking at the numbers, do you know if marketing has been stripped to pump up pre-acquisition results?

- Pinpoint Hot Buttons: Is your own value proposition compelling and truly future-focused? 

- See 'Metrics that Matter': What are your best measures & predictors of long-term brand power?
- Make Connections: How can my 37 years forging connections help you?

Relentless FOCUS on RESULTS:  I've been told that part of my value is keeping any enterprise ... from Fortune 100 titans to early stage start-ups ... fully focused on maximizing innovative brand impact to fuel growth. My driving goal is making brands the engine for growth in ever faster moving markets. One critical difference is ensuring all actions are focused & aligned to optimize success.


CMO-eyes on The PRIZE:  Fresh perspective, through an experience-sharpened lens delivers...